Child-Initiated Pretend Play Assessment-2 (ChIPPA-2) SCORING BOOKLET 3 YO: Pack of 10

Child-Initiated Pretend Play Assessment-2 (ChIPPA-2) SCORING BOOKLET 3 YO: Pack of 10

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10 x ChIPPA-2 Scoring Booklet 3 year olds – 10 pages, saddle stitched; supplied in sets of 10 in envelope.

If you have a ChIPPA kit, the updated scoring booklets are essential.

You must have the ChIPPA kit to administer this assessment, as it is a norm referenced standardised assessment.

The scoring booklets for the ChIPPA-2 have been updated for 3-year-old and 4 – 7-year-old children. While the scoring of the Percentage of Elaborate Play Actions, Number of Object Substitutions, and Number of Imitated Actions remains essentially unchanged, the Advanced Scoring section has now been removed with the scoring symbols reflecting all symbols used on the scoring sheet. The Clinical Observations Form has been expanded.

The Clinical Observations Form for 3-year-old children has been updated based on research. The scoring summary now has an updated score summary table, and the addition of a bell-shaped curve to illustrate where the child’s play ability is in relation to the norm sample. More space is provided for general notes and interpretation notes.

The Clinical Observation Form for 4 – 7-year-old children has been expanded with the addition of a section for Play Themes, as well as Play Styles. An adapted version of the Enjoyment in Play Scale (from the Pretend Play Enjoyment Developmental Checklist, Stagnitti, 2017) for the ChIPPA-2 is now included in the Clinical Observation Form for this age group of children. In the score calculation section of the scoring booklet, the Score Summary table has been updated, a bell-shaped curve has been added and a section for notes on the interpretation of the child’s play is provided. The Play Style section has been expanded to include 13 play styles noted to date on the ChIPPA-2. A new section on Play Themes has been added as well as space for General Observations.


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Karen Stagnitti PhD, BOccThy, GCHE. Karen is an occupational therapist by training who has a very strong interest in children’s play. Find out more about Karen

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